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“Blind Spot” Wind Proof Dummy Stands
(patent applied for)

Simple, easy to carry, brightly coloured stand to hold a dummy safely upright enabling you to place it exactly where you choose.
For training blind retrieves to a young gun dog or establishing straight line, single casts for a more experienced gundog.

Brightly coloured to aid finding them
once the dog has retrieved.

Standard Colours Red or Orange

Other Colours Available by Special Order



Blind spot stands are made from lightweight aluminium.

Two sizes are available, a smaller one for ˝ lb dummies and slightly larger to hold a 1 lb dummy.

Blind spot stands can be used in a set of four in a square, preferably on undulating ground (so as not to be immediately visible to the dog) or singly for a longer blind retrieve. (suggestion leaflet in each box sent out).

When setting up the stands and dummies, the dummy should sit on the ground with the ring no more than 1” from the base of the dummy. The stem is made from a solid tube of aluminium, ensure that it is pushed firmly into the ground to avoid it being dislodged. Do not place more than one in a straight line to avoid the dog running over an empty ring.

Correct Placement

Incorrect Placement

Please use with care.



Thank you to Diana Stevens and Allan Scutcher www.wylanbriar.com for giving me the idea for the blind spot dummy stand. I have modified it to a lightweight, high viz tool which can be easily carried on/in a game bag and be easily found after use.

A blind retrieve involves an act of enormous faith on the part of the dog and requires the dog to have absolute faith in its handler. The handler would like the dog to travel fast and with confidence with the unshakeable belief that when it is sent in a particular direction, there will be a retrieve at the end of its journey. If the dog is hesitant or unsure, the retrieve may be bungled or delayed.

Directional control is the mechanism by which a dog is sent to an area of fall, but the dog’s drive, tenacity and confidence in its handler lies at the heart of the process and must be carefully nurtured as handlers train the dog to respond to their cues.

Problems occur when the dummy topples over, for example if it is blown over in windy conditions, as this often leads to sight of the dummy being lost. The handler must retrace their steps to reposition the dummy which can become time consuming and tiresome.

An experienced gundog approaches the dummy confidently and at speed. It is essential therefore that the apparatus does not provide a potential hazard or danger to the dog at the moment the dummy is grabbed.

The "Blind Spot" Dummy Stand is a holding apparatus that is constructed and designed to ensure that it does not have any exposed sharp surface or edge when located in the ground which could be impacted by a dog running into it at speed.