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“Blind Spot” Wind Proof Dummy Stands
(patent applied for)

Simple, easy to carry, brightly coloured stand to hold a dummy safely upright enabling you to place it exactly where you choose.
For training blind retrieves to a young dog or establishing straight line, single casts for a more experienced dog.

"I have found them very useful in classes. When we are working on blinds with a dummy thrower
or in this case dummy putter in any situation (except water of course), we have found them most useful.

Well done you for thinking up such a useful Gadge!"

Louie Robertson, Owner and Founder at www.trainthatdog.com

"I feel they would be ideal for early stages of retrieving, promoting success and allowing clear visibility
of the dummy placed inside. As these stages of training are slow and methodical, collecting and placing them out is not an issue.

Overall a good, useful product. I would utilise this in the early stages of a dogs development and specifically blind retrieves."

Ben S